Raksha Retreat 2 Owners Welfare Society

RR2OWS was formed in 2010 and were registered with Registrar of Societies, Haldwani. The renewed registration for 5 years in 2016 is:

Founder President of the society was Mr. B.R. Magu, DIG ( Retd.). This society was primarily created with the prime objective of fighting the builder trio – Settlers, Samiah and Shikhar who had taken most of the money in advance and had not completed the cottages of individual free hold land owners. It took Mr. Magu and few others almost two years to facilitate possession of the cottages to around 60 owners.

While the residents were individually taking over their respective cottages the builders had various other plans with regards to keeping common areas under their control and wanted to have continued source of income through club house and other maintenance charges and had taken Rs 1.5 lacs towards life time subscription from quite a few residents. Since the builders did not meet their commitments and there was deficiency in almost of fronts, with great effort and difficulty the money was taken back from Samiah which was transferred in society funds. Later all other residents taking over the possession gave the Rs 1.5 lacs deposit directly towards the society. In between, few office bearers decided to help the builder on ground by giving advance/loan of Rs 20 Lacs against a cottage D-36. It was agreed that Shikhar would settle this loan within 8 months which did not happen. Balance advance is still pending to the tune of around Rs 9 Lacs including interest and cottage owners.

During 2012 and 2014 there was a change over of EC and Brig Rajiv Willams took over as President with Cmde Pushpender Garg as the General Secretary.

In 2014 Captain Ravee took over as the President and as soon as he took over as the President, he started all the movement to regain control of society from the clutches of the builder who had in the meanwhile built up a completely illegal structure on Plot AO which was earmarked as Park in layout of 2007. Not only that, Shikhar managed to build few additional cottages in B row and also adjusted and relocated parks and parkings thereby putting most of the cottage owners at inconvenience. The builder also changed the layout in Apr 2013 right under the nose of a functional Executive Committee.

Captain Ravee, President during 2015 managed to take the possession from Shikhar and the following:
- Apology and declaration from Shikhar
- Possession of the society common areas with acceptance of deficiencies & compounding charges for cottages
Currently RR2OWS has taken to legal recourse against the builders as they have not kept their commitments even after giving the above letters.