Almorah is 75 kms from Raksha Retreat via Bhowali. Currently road is under construction which may take around 8-10 months to complete. This road goes along with river which is quite good and straight. It’s a treat to ride a bike on this road. Time taken is around 2 hours comfortably and is enjoyable ride.

Till the time this road is repaired, one my go via:

Gagar, Ramgarh, Sheetla, Kwarab – Almorah. Road is good and has lot of twisties. The distance is the same but it takes around 45 minutes more. Almorah is a beautiful town at a good height. One could try reaching Mohan’s cave at Kasar Devi ridge. It is a good resort 9412977968 and a good room costs Rs 4500/- with bfast. This ridge lots of eating joints frequented by Israelis.

Around 20 kms ahead you will find Binsar wherein one could either stay at the Forest lodge deep in the wilderness or try Club Mahindra Resort. Again Binsar is a place worth going.

To see more about Almorah please click the following youtube link: