Guest House

Raksha Retreat is maintaining a Guest house in its campus. This guest house is on the lines of B & B home stay. It offers the following facilities to all residents and guests:

1. Two furnished comfortable guest rooms. All facilities like heaters, fans, geysers, quilts, mattresses etc are available. These rooms have good view. Costing is very reasonable and affordable.

2. All facilities of living and dining room are available with Television etc.

3. Full-fledged functional kitchen is also available. Home style food is cooked by local Kumaoni cooks who are one of the best in the country.

Visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay in a Defence like security arrangements in this beautifully maintained colony. Best of the trails are available around our society for trekking. Strongly recommended for people who wish to take a break from hustle and bustle of the cities. People into meditation, yoga and other Spiritual disciplines can also enjoy the facilities of this guest house and take a break and follow their routines here.

Those visitors who are desirous of booking these rooms may do the same by calling the JCO Incharge Sub Tara Singh at 7579231419 or send a mail at

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